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Two pink lines at C and T indicate a positive result. TSH greater than 5 mlU/L, the first clinical indicator of hypthyroidism, the most prevalent disease of the thyroid.

US Patent #5821073

ICD-9 Codes:
272.0    Pure
272.4    Mixed hyperlipidemia
285.9    Unspecified anemia
290.0    Senile dementia
300.00   Anxiety
359.9    Myopathy
401.0    Hypertension
427.9    Cardiac dysrhythmia
427.31   Atrial fibrillation
428.0    Congestive heart
564.0    Constipation
626.0    Irregular menstruation
780.71   Malaise and fatigue
728.8    Changes in skin
783.1    Abnormal weight gain
783.21   Abnormal weight loss
785.1    Palpitations


Compare ThyroChek® and traditional labs:

ThyroChek® Lab
Who performs TSH tests? any staff member staff draws blood, driver takes blood, clerk registers blood, lab tech runs blood, clerk faxes result, staff calls patient, physician sees patient
Time spent 10 minutes Up to 48 hours
Cost Under $10 $20-$60
Coverage $20-$60 $20-$60


Step 1:
Place one drop of blood from a finger-stick or venous draw in S1
One drop of blood from a finger-stick
Step 2:
Wait 90 seconds
Wait 90 seconds
Step 3:
Place 4 drops of buffer in S2
Place 4 drops of buffer in S2
Step 4:
Read results within 10 minutes and before 15 minutes
Read result between 10-15 minutes

Additional Information

  • Time saving: treat non-hypothyroid patients on first visit.
  • Easy to use: one drop of blood from a finger-stick or venous draw.
  • Rapid results: know in 10 minutes or less if TSH is greater than 5 mlU/L.
  • Accurate: 97.7% precision versus lab results.
  • Reimbursement: $23 in most States, most insurers higher.
  • Cost effective: under $10, it is worthwhile to screen first, saving time and money for you and your patient.
  • CPT Code: 84443 QW
  • Storage: room temperature.