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Identify and Manage Customers with Thyroid Disease
Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to help consumers recognize thyroid health issues. You can provide an on-going, community based program for hypothyroidism.

As demonstrated by the Asheville Project, first with diabetes and recently with asthma, education and medication therapy management services(MTMS) lead to improved clinical and economic outcomes. These outcomes may be directly reimbursed while providing quality added value to your business.

Have an Edge on Your Competition
Test with ThyroChek®, just as you currently test for cholesterol, BP, diabetes, osteoporosis or blood glucose. Each of these programs offers an opportunity to educate and introduce new products and services. Testing for hypothyroidism has implications in weight loss, depression, dermatology and cosmetics, nutritional supplements as well as digestive aids. With ThyroChek®, you can:

  1. Differentiate your service
  2. Increase traffic and pull through for a range of products
  3. Advance your position and practice
  4. Improve patient outcomes
  5. Increase compliance with drug therapy

Convenient and Accurate
Special staff is not required for CLIA waived ThyroChek®. It provides an on-site information on elevated TSH, the first clinical indication of hypothyroidism, the most common disease of the thyroid. There are 27 M people with poor thyroid function. Left untreated, cardiac disease, diabetes, osteoporosis may occur. With your help, your customers may learn that they have an unhealthy thyroid. It will be their first step to better health.

  • Easy to use: one drop of blood from a finger stick.
  • Rapid results: know in 10 minutes or less if TSH is greater than 5 mIU/L.
  • Accurate: 97.7% precision versus lab results.

Profit from Today's Market
Pharmacies must identify new programs to compete in today's shrinking profit environment. ThyroChek® is a cost effective way to develop new patient care and product introduction programs that will enhance your business as well as the health of your customers.