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Let physicians make timely treatment decisions.

The symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are common to many health problems. Left untreated, thyroid disease may lead to poor cardiac health, fertility issues, depression as well as autoimmune diseases.

If hypothyroidism is suspected, test first with ThyroChek® in your office.

Know if your patient's TSH is greater than 5mlU/L in minutes. Elevated TSH is the first clinical indicator of hypothyroidism. TSH elevates before T3 and T4 decrease.

Patients with TSH greater than 5mlU/L go to the lab for a value before treatment. Patients with symptoms and a test result below 5 mlU/L may not be hypthroid.

If you are a family practice physician, an ob/gyn, an internist, an osteopath, or a psychiatrist, there are patients in your waiting room who have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Almost 27 million Americans are hypothyroid. Fewer than half are diagnosed.

ThyroChek® requires one drop of blood from a finger-stick or venous draw. CLIA waived ThyroChek® may be performed by any member of your staff.